About Us

The Company was initiated in 16 December 1986 and was then trading under in the name as Anson Marketing Sdn Bhd. After nearly 20 years, it was formally registered as De Nanostar Sdn Bhd in 17 November 2008.

De Nanostar Sdn Bhd is a company incorporated in Malaysia. The company specializes in distributing nanotechnology based products like "Energy Health Garment" and other health care enhancement related items. The Company supplies to retailers across Malaysia.

"Nanostar" is the registered trademark of De Nanostar Sdn Bhd. "Nanostar" is an energy transformer; Nanostar - activate the energy with Nanotechnology.

The Business
The Company now is involved marketing. It has also created a "Nanostar-Energy-Platform". With these channel, we form hand-in-hand partnerships towards a successful and Better-Quality-of-Life (BQL) in health and wealth.

To provide high-tech health care products for customers.

To recruit courageous partners with commitment in helping people to live a complete and successful life via Nanostar-Energy-Business Platfform.

Company Values
N  Nanostar creates
A  Achievement platform
N  Nurture success individual
O  Outstanding team-mate
S  Service...... excellent
T  Trust worthy
A  Accomplishment & success
R  Responsible & respect the individual

The Products
21st Century Nanotechnology Energy Health Garments - Energise the Healthy Lifestyle
Nanostar™ Energy Health Care Product is the result of textile technological breakthrough; product is designed to energize the body's bio-energy field. The fabric is manufactured using nano-scale molecule treatment, which is one million times smaller than a strand of hair. Nanostar™ Energy Health Care Product is made of synthetic fibrous tissue structures that are fully integrated with Nano-Silver and a special patent Nacera™ combine formulation. The combine formula are lead-free minerals designed to prevent bacteria growth and promotes natural healing via Far Infrared Rays (FIR) that are easily absorbed gently into the human body and releases negative ions. The combination of FIR and negative ions helps to improve blood circulation, aid in stress relief, and assists faster recovery from fatigue and injuries. Nanostar™ Energy Health Care Products - activate the body's natural energy to achieve the natural healing and repair process. The product provides high level comfort and ventilated textures.

The Uniqueness of Far Infrared Rays (FIR) Energy
FIR energy is a part of the natural light spectrum of sunlight. It falls within the same family of Infrared Rays in the light spectrum, but due to its longer wavelengths; just like Ultraviolet Ray, human eyes cannot see FIR. The FIR energy is ESSENTIAL & BENEFICIAL for all human beings. FIR has the ability to penetrate, refract, radiate, and reflect and resonance. The human body can absorb FIR because of its deep penetrating ability. When FIR penetrates through the skin to the subcutaneous tissues, it transforms from light energy into heat energy. The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissues cause blood vessels in capillaries to dilate, promoting better blood circulation, and the heat produced helps to get rid of body toxins and metabolic wastes through sweating.

Nanostar FIR emissivity certificate